Ana shares how her love for cosmetics, an empathetic outlook and a desire to help empower cancer patients has steered her into volunteer work with Look Good Feel Better.

“I love the whole concept of Look Good Feel Better and so it was an easy decision for me to get involved. My husband and I both volunteer for different organizations and with three young adults in our home I think it is invaluable to be a good role model for your children – to enable them to understand the value of becoming a part of their community. I also believe it is important to be able to put back into any cause you have an interest in, or passion for and to realize the rewards of volunteer work both personally and for the cause are far greater than you could imagine.

I am a volunteer for three separate workshop venue; I am a facilitator for one of the workshops and often do the make-up demonstration at the other two workshops. I love working with the volunteers who are all amazing women giving up their time, offering their invaluable experience, knowledge and support. We are always learning from each other but helping the women going through cancer treatment is what makes it so rewarding.

I have gained invaluable friendships as a result of being a Look Good Feel Better volunteer. I have also gained confidence in public speaking (something I have never found easy!); a respect for what women actually face through diagnosis and a new level of compassion, care and gratitude.

New volunteers can expect to meet other women who have similar interests to them. The workshops themselves are fun, inspiring, heart-warming and an honor to be a part of. Even after nine years with Look Good Feel Better the transformation that takes place during the few hours of a workshop just amazes me and proves beyond doubt the power of touch, laughter, care, support and make-up!

One time, I was demonstrating the make-up on a beautiful woman in her early 50’s who admitted she had never worn make-up. She was just mesmerized with every step and she couldn’t believe that it took her illness to discover what make-up could do. She was just so thankful, saying she felt she had discovered a new person! It was such an amazing, positive, uplifting moment from a woman facing so much.

Look Good Feel Better is such a satisfying and rewarding program to be a part of. The workshops are a positive and informative experience. If you join the team, you will be helping to provide a safe environment for participants; facilitating a group of like-minded women; and most importantly helping women feel and look their best.”

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