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Is there something you’d like to know? You will find the answers to some common questions about participating in the Look Good Feel Better program below.

If there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to call us on 1800 650 960, or email

For a full list of Face-to-Face workshop venues, times and dates, visit our Workshop Registration page. Dates and times for our Virtual Workshops are also available here.

For a full explanation, visit the About our program page.

No. The Look Good Feel Better program is run nationally by the Cancer Patients Foundation – an independent not-for-profit organisation, not affiliated with any other cancer charity or support service. The program is provided free-of-charge to cancer patients across the country thanks to the generous support of the community.

We also offer Virtual Workshops and a Home-Delivered Confidence Kit service. For details on how else we can help you face cancer with confidence, visit the About our program page.

Look Good Feel Better does not provide wigs to cancer patients as part of our service.

We do, however, provide a range of information about what to look for when purchasing a wig, provide useful tips for styling and caring for wigs, and supply a range of wigs to try at our Face-to-Face workshops.

A list of wig and headwear suppliers in each state is available on our Headwear Contacts page.

To ensure we can reach as many cancer patients as possible while we’re operating at limited capacities, and to minimise the risks of COVID-19, we are currently unable to accommodate support people in our workshops.

The Look Good Feel Better program is non-commercial, so no products are available for sale in our workshops.

You will be provided with a Confidence Kit free-of-charge upon arrival – the Kit will contain all of the products you will need in order to participate in the workshop, and can be taken home for continued use.

The safety of products is the number one priority of the Australian cosmetic industry and all ingredients used in cosmetic products are subject to Australia’s rigorous regulatory controls.

The products provided in our Confidence Kits have TGA approval and are donated for use in our workshops with the specific needs of cancer patients in mind.

The main aim of our workshops is to provide tips and tricks that will help our participants manage some of the common side-effects of treatment. If a participant is allergic to any specific ingredient, has extra-sensitive skin, or has a preference for particular products or brands, they are welcome to talk to the workshop facilitator prior to the workshop and use their own products during the demonstrations.

We do not recommend any one brand over another, as everyone’s preferences are different. We do, however, generally recommend the use of products high in moisture and specifically formulated for sensitive skin, as most cancer treatments can cause the skin to become quite dry and irritated.

Before adopting any skincare or make-up routine, we encourage you to check in with your treating health professionals and follow their advice in terms of any products or ingredients you should be avoiding in line with your specific treatment.

As every individual’s treatment schedule and medications are different, we aren’t able to provide advice or recommendations on the safety of specific products or services.

We encourage you to speak with your treating health professional (Oncologist, Cancer Care Nurse or GP), who should be able to advise you if these types of products or services are something that you should perhaps be avoiding in line with your specific treatment plan, due to increased skin sensitivity and the risk of infection.

As the products in our Confidence Kits and stock for the Face-to-Face Workshops are donated, we try our best to reach as many cancer patients as possible. We therefore give priority to those who have not attended our Face-to-Face workshops previously, and limit Confidence Kits to one per patient.

You are, however, welcome to participate in our Virtual Workshops more than once.

Dates and times for our Virtual Workshops are available on our Workshop Registration page.

As a cancer charity supported by the cosmetics and beauty industries, our program focuses on skincare, make-up techniques, and head wear options to address the symptoms and side effects resulting specifically from cancer treatment.

While we would love to open our doors to everyone who could use support, we are unfortunately not in a position to do so at this point.

As a starting point, you might be best placed to speak with a Social Worker or your GP about what suitable support groups or services are available to you in your local area, specific to your needs.

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