I have worked as a Pharmacy Assistant for more than 35 years and in 2003, decided to start volunteering with Look Good Feel Better after seeing an ad in the paper calling for support.

Volunteering with the program adds a wonderful balance to my busy lifestyle – the bravery, tenacity and grace I see in the workshops make me want to be a better person and confirm why I volunteer. If I can help just one person feel happier and better about themselves during a challenging time, the flow on effect reaches so many more people in their lives.

Look Good Feel Better is special as it is an activity the participants can be a part of without a medical theme being paramount. At a time in their lives where doctors, hospitals, medicines, needles and various other medical procedures become the norm, it is a chance to meet and relate to potential new friends in an environment where they can relax, learn new make-up and skincare tip and tricks and best of all, have a laugh and boost their emotional wellbeing!

I love to see the ladies relax as the morning proceeds and they become more comfortable, and I continue to be amazed and inspired by the strength and courage shown by different people at various stages of their journey. Generally, participants start the morning quiet and unsure of what is ahead then within hours, the room is animated and full of laughs and jokes as they relax and indulge in some essential self-care and self-love.

I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful fellow volunteers – who have become great friends – and seeing women empowering other women. I hope that my fellow volunteers and I instill confidence in the participants by keeping the vibe light and informal and by helping them realise there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do things. We are not expecting anyone to become professional makeup artists, just to feel confident trying something new or being inspired enough to put on some lippy to brighten not only their face, but their mood, and subsequently their day.

Volunteering with Look Good Feel Better is more than just makeup. It is an opportunity to share, cheer, uplift, inspire and encourage one another.

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