As a professional make-up artist, qualified trainer, consultant, hair stylist and brow specialist, Sabrina believes in the importance of giving back. She shares her insights on being part of the LGFB volunteer program.

“I became a volunteer because I wanted to give back and Look Good Feel Better was the best fit. Throughout the workshops I can share all my knowledge about beauty with women who can use the tips and techniques to feel better while undergoing treatment for cancer.

I am currently a make-up demonstrator for the workshop held at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Camperdown, NSW. I am part of a team of professional beauty volunteers who also give their time to run the workshop and share their expertise with the participants. I have also been involved in plenty of media and promotional opportunities, including a filming project alongside our Patron Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

At my very first workshop I felt blessed to be able to share my beauty secrets with a group of ladies that needed my help at the time. By showing them how to draw their eyebrows back on, make their lashes appear fuller and put some colour back into their skin, I was able to help them feel like themselves again.

Ultimately I became a make-up artist to make people feel better about themselves and Look Good Feel Better does exactly that. The feeling of giving is priceless and being able to give the ladies a few hours of laughter, beauty tips and pampering to forget they are undergoing treatment for cancer is what I love about this program.

As a volunteer you can feel good about sharing your advice with women that really need your guidance. After every workshop I walk away with a positive feeling knowing I have gained so much by making them focus on the positives- if it’s only for a moment. It’s also a great way to meet other beauty industry people who you can learn from and who will inspire you to be a better person!

I can honestly say every workshop is memorable! I do remember a young woman who had lost all her hair, lashes and brows. She had also lost so much colour to her face as her skin was dry and pale from treatment. She listened throughout our demonstration intently and just smiled through happy tears, while thanking us for every effort we took to put colour back into her complexion. She held my hand at the end of the workshop and said ‘thank you for making me feel normal again’. For me, this is exactly what the workshop is about.

Whether you’re a make-up artist, beautician, hairdresser or cosmetic consultant you will gain as much joy and experience as I have over the last five years. I will continue to be a volunteer and give my time as long as I can for this great cause – joining the program has really been the best decision I ever made!”

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