Benefit Cosmetics’ West Coast Field Education Manager Education Manager shares her story about becoming a Look Good Feel Better volunteer.

“I love the result of boosting someone’s confidence and making their day! I personally love the nervous energy at the beginning of a workshop, the fear of the unknown. By the end of the workshop we have a room of more confident and empowered women.

I have so many memorable moments with the program. But if I had to pick just one my most memorable moment was gifted to me by Mary, a gorgeous participant! Mary’s beauty dilemma was the case of missing brows and how they created a beautiful frame for her face. After demonstration and seeing what a new set of brows looked like, her confidence increased, body language changed, and she proudly stood up and announced, ‘these are my new eyebrows and nothing is stopping me now!’

The biggest thing I’ve learnt from my role as a volunteer is building knowledge and confidence. It’s a rewarding experience not only for the people involved but for my personal growth. I always walk away from a Look Good Feel Better workshop feeling fulfilled, inspired and motivated for the next workshop.

Look Good Feel Better workshops are a great way to use your cosmetic tips and tricks to empower women by giving back. As we like to say at Benefit Cosmetics: Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it!

A Look Good Feel Better volunteer is warm and approachable, has a can-do attitude and a love of cosmetics. The workshops are an opportunity to share positivity and create a supportive environment for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. I love my involvement with this program and highly recommend becoming a volunteer.”

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