Education Manager for the for the International Dermal Institute shares her thoughts on volunteering with Look Good Feel Better.

“Dermalogica, the company I work for, decided to become a product sponsor and I was so impressed with the work Look Good Feel Better did that I wanted to get involved with the organization on a personal level too.

At my first workshop I arrived feeling extremely nervous, the ‘rookie on the block’! I had a strong sense that I didn’t want to let anyone down – primarily the attendees and of course the other volunteers. Having experienced the journey of cancer treatment with my Mum and after working on clients who have been on the cancer treatment path, I was not fearful of supporting them with their skin concerns, it was more about how to ensure I contributed to the workshop being a fun, upbeat and a positive experience.

These days, I perform the skincare and make-up coaching segment of the workshop. I love this interactive session with the participants and the other volunteers, we try hard to make it a really upbeat, fun and an informative morning. Being passionate about skin health and understanding the unique challenges cancer treatments have on the skin, it’s great to help with skin tips and make-up tricks as to how to ‘look good and feel better’ about yourself.

I love to see people having a good time and that’s what you get at each workshop. Many participants come in feeling nervous, shy, unsure of what to expect. The great thing is that it’s not long before you see that melt away and they relax and start to feel really comfortable.

The journey through cancer treatment is tough on everyone, to be able to put a bit of fun, female bonding, light-hearted connectedness into their day, making them feel good about themselves is an addictive reward. I’ve been close to cancer and its various treatments with several loved ones, from this experience I believe I have the empathy and understanding to support others. The Look Good Feel Better program enables me to do just that and I hope to be a volunteer for many years to come!

Through my experience with LGFB, I’ve learnt how incredibly strong, brave and positive women are when faced with adversity. I’ve experienced the incredible alchemy of women and the power they create when joined together in a collective group, it’s quite remarkable and astounding.

I think the program is vital. I only wish more people knew about it, we had more volunteers join us, and of course we had more funding!

If you’re thinking about joining the team, realise it’s not scary. Seek out all the information you need and then just do it!”

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