KAKOur Patron

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

“I fully appreciate the work of Look Good Feel Better. The notion of helping cancer patients feel better about themselves while undergoing the rigours of cancer treatment is a tonic that can only help. We are all touched by cancer in our everyday lives and I relish the prospect of supporting this great charity.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has been the Patron of the Cancer Patients Foundation since June 2009. As a much loved household name in Australia, Kerri-Anne has truly enhanced the profile of the Look Good Feel Better program.

Kerri-Anne has fronted the Look Good Feel Better television commercial, attended workshops to meet with participants, accepted media interviews on behalf of the charity and has represented Look Good Feel Better at national fundraising events including Dream Ball.

In 2012, Kerri-Anne fought her own battle with cancer. Speaking of her diagnosis Kerri-Anne said, “Confronting cancer personally took my enthusiasm for Look Good Feel Better to new heights. It put it all into perspective.

Kerri-Anne’s passion and commitment is an absolute asset to the charity. Chairman of the Cancer Patients Foundation David Blakeley says, “We are thrilled that Kerri-Anne has embraced her role as our Patron and believe this will help encourage more women with cancer to register for a Look Good Feel Better workshop. The charismatic presence of Kerri-Anne will achieve additional visibility to this uplifting and enriching program and will only further assist cancer patients both now, and in the future.”




Our Ambassador

Zoë Foster Blake

“Women (and men!) learn how to apply skin care, makeup, wigs and turbans and scarves in the spirit of ‘if you look good, you will feel better’, and I can four billion percent say that this is true, because the transformation these women undergo (physically) but most crucially in confidence and self-esteem after their two hour session is phenomenal.”

Zoë Foster Blake is a best-selling author, columnist, blogger and entrepreneur. Having worked as a beauty writer, editor and commentator on a number of magazines over the last 15 years- and now, as the founder of Go-To skin care, Zoë truly understands the transformative power of a good beauty regimen. Zoë joined Look Good Feel Better as an ambassador in 2011 and has since committed to raising awareness and community support for the charity at events and online social platforms including her blog, zotheysay.com.