Sunshine Coast, QLD

The knowledge and skills gained are invaluable, empowering each participant to feel in control of their lives again.


Melbourne, Vic

I’m inspired and energised by the collective compassion shown by all the volunteers, and the bravery and positivity of the women participating.


Melbourne, Vic

A lady recently said at the end of a workshop that she could not remember the last time she laughed. That was pretty amazing to me.


Sydney, NSW

I am very proud to have been a volunteer with LGFB for going on 13 years now and only regret that I hadn’t joined earlier!


Melbourne, Vic

I just love making the participants feel great for a couple of hours during a fairly traumatic time in their lives.


Sydney, NSW

We are always learning from each other but helping the women going through cancer treatment is what makes it so rewarding.


Sydney, NSW

Whether you’re a make-up artist, beautician, hairdresser or cosmetic consultant you will gain as much joy and experience as I have over the last five years.


Sydney, NSW

I think the program is vital. I only wish more people knew about it, we had more volunteers join us, and of course we had more funding!


Melbourne, Vic

Life is about making real connections with people and I have made countless connections with other volunteers as well as participants over the years.

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