Three years after first experiencing the Look Good Feel Better program, Eleanor Pendleton has been announced as an Ambassador.

As founder and editor-in-chief of Gritty Pretty — Australia's leading beauty website and digital magazine - and a multi-award winning beauty and health journalist, Eleanor  is a trusted voice on all things beauty.

After attending a Look Good Feel Better workshop in 2018 and being immediately taken by the impact the program has on its participants - both short and long-term - Eleanor was humbled to take on the important role, advocating for support of the program and building awareness for the benefit of Australians undergoing cancer treatment.

"I've seen first-hand just how powerful, transformative and self-esteem boosting beauty can be for cancer patients – the power of a brow pencil, a red lipstick or a groomed wig can quite literally change how a woman feels when they've had a hard round of treatment or are processing their diagnosis. It's my honour to support Look Good Feel Better and the work that they do."

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