Dry July

Dry July challenges you to go alcohol-free in July while raising funds to support cancer patients and their families.

Since 2015, the Dry July Foundation has contributed over $2 million dollars in funding to the Look Good Feel Better program.

This has allowed us to help over 20,000 Australians undergoing cancer treatment.

You can sign up for Dry July yourself, put together a team, or donate to support someone else who’s going dry for the month. Click here, or read below for more info. 

How your participation in Dry July will help

One face-to-face workshop supporting 10 cancer patients costs over $1,000 to run, and providing one cancer patient with a Home-Delivered Confidence Kit and access to our virtual workshops costs over $100. Every dollar you raise will help us get closer to our goal of raising $200,000 to provide the program to 2,000 cancer patients in the coming year.

Your generosity has a very real impact for participants like Karen, who said:

"I was never a girly girl, not much into makeup, rarely blow drying or straightening my hair (unless there was a special occasion) and always felt more comfortable in jeans or shorts, runners, and a t-shirt. Once the side effects of treatment kicked in, however, and I had no eyebrows or eyelashes, I was being met at all turns with a lot of concerned faces and I could feel the discomfort others were feeling based on my presentation. I must have appeared a bit scary to be honest, despite feeling better than I looked.

I knew there were “tricks” that I could use to help, but I had no idea where to start. I certainly wasn’t going into a department store (covid and all) and I knew I also needed a LOT of guidance and practice. Just the thought of how overwhelming it would all be was a lot.

I decided to register for a Look Good Feel Better workshop and, apart from the generous supply of products which meant I never had to wonder what I needed, it was the absolute patience of the lovely volunteers helping me to figure out how to draw my features back on that helped me the most. I learned how to draw on my eyebrows and how to create the illusion of eyelashes, and also learned that makeup didn’t have to be complex or scary. It could be quite simple, and so could skincare. Being taught how to look after my skin during treatment ensured it came through in the best possible condition. The added benefit was getting to try out a lot of products in a really, really safe and non-judgmental space. Those things, along with a kind and encouraging group made my experience a wonderful one, and I walked out of the workshop not only looking more like me, but feeling confident I could replicate it. There was absolutely no downside to it.

My family was delighted. They all commented on how I looked “like Mum” again and that the spark in my eye had returned. It also stopped friends and colleagues asking me if I was okay all the time, as I now looked more okay.

When I was feeling good, what I learned at the workshop meant I looked it too. When I wasn’t feeling so good, what I learned at the workshop resulted in me feeling a bit brighter."

Visit the Look Good Feel Better page on the Dry July website here to take on the challenge or support someone else who is, and help us fund our confidence-boosting program.

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